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Pole Fanatics are an aerial fitness studio that offer lots of casual fitness classes, including pole dancing lessons, to compliment your aerial training or ease you into aerials if you’re a little shy to start. No matter what your fitness or fun goals are, we will surely have a casual class that will tick all of your boxes!

Did you know we also offer private lessons for pole dancing, silks & hoops as well as private aerial cube classes? If you’re interested, contact us today!


Online Classes

Stretch & Flex

Stretch & Flex uses different stretching techniques from all different forms of exercise to improve your flexibility, prevent injuries and keep your weekly zen in check. A great way to not only finally get your splits, but also to chill out from the world’s stresses for a full hour. It doesn’t matter whether you can do a perfect back bend or you can barely touch your toes, all of the exercises are progressive so you can either chill out in steps one or two or keep following the harder variations. The pace is entirely up to you!


$18 for a casual one hour class
$65 for a 4 week course
$130 for an 8 week course

Term 3.5 Available Times- Mondays at 6pm and Wednesdays at 7pm

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Stretch & Flex at Pole Fanatics