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Mini Term Casual Classes!

There is just a matter of weeks left before Christmas and all the food and fun of the Holiday Season! It’s not too late to come join us for a casual class or two before the year ends to sample something for next years exercise plans, try to get in last minute shape for that beach vacation or just to escape the craziness that is December!

Pole Fit

We have designed a course that is purely for building muscles and improving your flexibility using the pole without any tricks, spins or dancing involved. So if you think you’re far too uncoordinated for the routines, not strong enough for the tricks and spinning makes you dizzy but you really want those defined muscles and amazing splits us aerialists have, this is the right course for you! Every week the all over body work out is totally different so you’ll never get bored of just doing the same thing on repeat and your body will have fun learning the new things it can do with muscles you didn’t know you had! Open to all levels.

When:  Wednesdays at 7pm until Dec 20th (Collingwood)

Thursdays at 6pm until Dec 21st (Rowville)

How Much: $18 for a casual one hour class

Aerial Yoga

We’re bringing Aerial Yoga back just in time for the arrival of the warmer weather! Aerial Yoga is a fantastic stretch and flexibility based class that is suitable for everyone from those who can do the splits to those who can’t even touch their toes. All exercises can be taken at your own personal pace so you can push yourself ultra hard or just take it easy. It’s a fantastic way to chill out after a long day or week and hide away from the world in your own personal cosy hammock for an hour!

When: Mondays at 5pm until Dec 18th  (Collingwood)

Thursdays at 8pm until Dec 21st  (Rowville)

How Much: $18 for a casual one hour class

Pole Flow

If you just like to dance, this is the class to get your groove on! Each week we teach a totally different mini routine where we use the pole, the floor, some times even the chairs and other fun things as props to our dance. You don’t have to worry about remembering the routine over  a week and any level is welcome! All you need to do is be ready to sweat and dance like no one is watching for an hour of full on cardio fun mixed with some fancy skills that will help keep your muscles working over time!

When: Wednesdays at 6pm until Dec 20th (Collingwood)

How Much: $25 for a casual one hour class

Stretch & Flex

If you like your stretching not so aerial, Stretch & Flex is the perfect way to work on your flexibility without being upside down. Our super flex expert instructor will take you through different stretches every week to help improve all aspects of flexibility including the major ones used for aerial training, shoulders, back and legs. If you’d like to get your splits flat, your back bendier and your shoulders more mobile so you can get into those amazing Pole, Silks and Hoops skills or even if you just want to have a good stretch out once a week to keep your joints active and your zen in check, Stretch & Flex is great for multiple ambitions in your flexibility.

When: Tuesdays at 8pm until Dec 19th (Collingwood)

How Much: $18 for a casual one hour class

** For bookings or to ask for more info, please feel free to contact us any time on 0422 304 483 or **

Gift Vouchers for Christmas

What to get for Christmas for the woman in your life who already has it all? Except for a Gift Voucher to try out one of our awesome Aerial classes or courses in 2018! You can purchase personalised Christmas Gift Vouchers for either specific courses or classes or you can gift a dollar amount so they can decide how to start their aerial adventure. Vouchers can be picked up at the studio, posted or emailed.

Call us any time on 0422 304 483 or drop us a line at to chat about exactly what kind of Gift Voucher we can create for you.