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New Beginners Courses starting Soon!

Well hello Spring! The warmer weather and longer days and settling into Melbourne and it’s time to start coming out of hibernation. The Summer holidays are calling and if you’re keen to get going on feeling amazing for beach days and short dresses nights, we’ve got some beginners 6 week courses starting soon to cover your fitness all the way up until Christmas!

Basic 1 Pole Dancing

There is no need to worry about being not strong enough to do pole dancing with our Basic 1 courses. This course is designed for the absolute beginner to pole and any one of any fitness level, with any kind of strength, of any size, can get started and start to notice the changes after just a couple of weeks! Over 8 weeks we will work on building up your upper body, core and inner thigh strength so that you can do basic level skills and spins. We’ll also start to improve your heart health with cardio routines and get your flexibility going with stretchy based warm ups and cool downs. We promise you’ll be having so much fun, you won’t even notice you’re working out until you start feeling it the next day!

When: Mondays at 7pm starting as of November 12th (Collingwood)

How Much: $120 for 6 weeks


Stretch & Flex

If you like your stretching not so aerial, Stretch & Flex is the perfect way to work on your flexibility without being upside down. Our super flex expert instructors will take you through different stretches every week to help improve all aspects of flexibility including the major ones used for aerial training, shoulders, back and legs. If you’d like to get your splits flat, your back bendier and your shoulders more mobile so you can get into those amazing Pole, Silks and Hoops skills or even if you just want to have a good stretch out once a week to keep your joints active and your zen in check, Stretch & Flex is great for multiple ambitions in your flexibility.

When: Tuesdays at 7pm starting as of November 13th  (Collingwood)

Thursdays at 8pm starting as of October 15th  (Rowville)

How Much: $70 for 6 weeks


Beginners 1 Aerial Hoops

Aerial Hoops is probably the easiest aerial apparatus to pick up if you are stressing about not being strong enough, small enough or fit enough for aerial fitness! Our Hoops instructors are super hands on and very helpful so you get comfortable up high in the hoop straight away. Over 8 weeks we’ll quickly turn you into a circus addict as you learn under the hoop spins, tricks, in the hoop poses and some super fun combinations that will build up your upper body strength and confidence in the air!

When: Wednesdays at 6pm starting as of November 14th  (Collingwood) 

How Much: $140 for 6 weeks 


Booty Camp

If you’re looking for something extra to add to your aerial training, Booty Camp is a great class for getting an all over body workout but still keeping your exercise exciting. Booty Camp uses all kinds of equipment so you get to play with lots of other fun stuff aside from the aerial apparatuses and has a circuit as well as sets. The classes are different every single week and not skill building  so you can join in any time you want without having  to have any previous experience or be of any kind of fitness level!

When: Thursdays at 7pm starting as of November 15th (Rowville)

How Much: $50 for 6 weeks



** For bookings or to ask for more info, please feel free to contact us any time on 0422 304 483 or **