Winter Blues Sale!

There is nothing sadder than when Daylight Savings finishes 🙁 To combat the looming Winter Blues, we have have our fabulous Sale to give you something to do distract yourself from the sadness of it getting dark at 5pm! If you can’t go outside and frolic in the sun every evening now, why not come join us indoors and warm up with some aerial fun?

Basic 1 Pole Dancing

There is no need to worry about not being strong enough to do pole dancing with our Basic 1 courses. This course is designed for the absolute beginner to pole and any one of any fitness level, with any kind of strength, of any size, can get started! You’ll start to notice the changes after just a couple of weeks as we work on building up your upper body, core and inner thigh strength so that you can do basic level skills and spins. We’ll also start to improve your heart health with cardio routines and get your flexibility going with stretchy based warm ups and cool downs. We promise you’ll be having so much fun, you won’t even notice you’re working out until you start feeling it the next day!

  • When: Tuesdays at 6pm starting April 9th (Collingwood)
  • Cost: Just $160 for an 8 week course (usually $190)

Beginners 1 Aerial Hoops

Our Beginners 1 Aerial Hoops course is designed for absolute beginners to aerial fitness. We start with our Hoops hung low so you find your way around the Hoop comfortably first before committing to hanging through a steel ring metres high in the air! We’ll start to show you how to build the upper body strength and activate all the muscles you need to be a future lyra superstar by teaching progressively harder spins and skills both off the bottom of the hoop and inside it. Our beginners classes are limited to very small numbers so that we can make sure our instructors are super hands on and you get lots of personal attention so get in quick!!

  • When: Wednesdays at 6pm starting April 3rd (Collingwood)
  • Cost: Just $200 for an 8 week course (usually $220)

Stretch & Flex

If you like your stretching not so aerial, Stretch & Flex is the perfect way to work on your flexibility without being upside down. Our super flex expert instructors will take you through different stretches every week to help improve all aspects of flexibility including the major ones used for aerial training, shoulders, back and legs. Perfect class to help you get your splits flat, your back bendier and your shoulders more mobile so you can get into those amazing Pole, Silks and Hoops skills. Even if you just want to have a good stretch out once a week to keep your joints active and your zen in check, Stretch & Flex is great for multiple ambitions for your flexibility.

  • When: Mondays at 7pm starting April 8th (Rowville)
    Tuesdays at 7pm starting April 9th (Collingwood)
    Wednesdays at 6pm & 7pm starting April 10th (Collingwood)
  • Cost: Just $50 for a 4 week course (usually $65)

Pole Flow

Come and dance your little heart out in our favourite casual class, Pole Flow! This class is all about the cardio with a different mini routine every week that uses the pole and fancy floor work moves that will have you sweating away all your mid week worries. You don’t need to have any previous pole or dance experience or even be co ordinated to join in on the fun! High heels and shorts are also not a necessity so it’s a great class for those of you who are a little more shy in the usual pole attire. Just come and dance like no one is watching and get a great cardio work out!

  • When: Wednesdays at 7pm starting April 10th (Rowville)
    Thursdays at 6pm starting April 11th (Collingwood)
  • Cost: Just $50 for a 4 week course (usually $65)


Our latest addition to our casual classes is proving to be a huge hit! We have been training and performing Acro for years and have finally turned it into a class where you can come learn al of our awesome partner and group skills.

In Acro you will work with others to create beautiful shapes, jaw dropping balances and amazing displays of strength. Acro improves every aspect of aerial fitness including co ordination, flexibility, balance and enough strength to hold another persons body weight. Acro is a lot of fun and a completely unique way to get fit, make new friends and work on your trust issues! Lol :p

  • When: Tuesdays at 6pm starting April 9th (Collingwood)
  • Cost: Just $50 for a 4 week course (usually $65)

For bookings or to ask for more info, please feel free to contact us any time on 0422 304 483 or