Buy One, Get One Half Price in Term 1 2022

Term 1 2022 will be kicking off on Monday January 17th for a full 8 weeks of fun, fitness and friends! If your New Years resolution involves trying new things, finding a healthier way of life, being more social or making more time for yourself, we can help you out with all of that!

If you want to visit us more than once a week, you can take advantage of our Buy One, Get One Half Price Special and get a second, third or even fourth course in Term 1 for just half price when you book and pay in full for your first 8 week course before January 16th 2022.

Check out some of the super fun courses we have running and contact us any time to book or ask any questions!



Here’s where you start if you are an absolute beginner to Pole for fitness! Don’t stress if you think that you’re not strong enough to do Pole or you have no dance background, etc. There are no prerequisites at all to get started and we will help you get strong, flexible and become an awesome dancing diva over the 8 weeks of the course. So much fun that you won’t even realise you are exercising!

When: Mondays at 6pm starting Jan 17th, Wednesdays at 8pm starting Jan 19th and Thursdays at 7pm starting Jan 20th

How Much: $190 for a full 8 week course or just $95 with the Special




We often get asked which apparatus is the best one to start your aerial journey with and although it obviously depends on lots of different things, Aerial Hoops is probably the easiest! It might look scary since you’re up in the air pretty much straight away but we start with the Hoops being quite low and our instructors are super helpful in guiding you up there safely until you feel confident on your own. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll never want to come down to the ground again! Aerial Hoops is an obsession, you have been warned!

WHEN: Wednesdays at 7pm starting Jan 19th

HOW MUCH: $220 for a full 8 week course or just $110 with the Special




If you’ve ever been to Cirque De Solei or a Pink concert, you will have dreamed about flying high above the crowds on a set of aerial Silks! It’s not easy but it certainly is alot of fun and don’t stress, we won’t be expecting you to hold your body weight 7 metres high off the ground attached to 2 pieces of Silk straight off the bat. Our beginners courses start low to the floor and we work on building up your muscles and staple skills to gradually get you higher and higher!

WHEN: Mondays at 6pm starting Jan 17th

HOW MUCH: $220 for a full 8 week course or just $110 with the Special






If you dream of getting your splits flat or your back bendier, these are the classes for you! We focus our classes on all the important elements of flex that you need for aerials so you can look amazing performing your tricks and also be super safe up on your apparatus. It’s also a great way to unwind, destress and prevent or help heal injuries by keeping your blood pumping, muscles long and joints mobile.*

WHEN: Stretch & Flex on Mondays at 6pm starting Jan 17th

Aerial Yoga on Tuesdays at 10am starting Jan 18th, Thursdays at 6pm starting Jan 20th and Saturdays at 10am starting Jan 22nd

HOW MUCH: $130 for a full 8 week course or just $65 with the Special






  Love to dance? So do we! Join us for your weekly dance fix while we take you through a different mini routine every week to get your heart rate going, sweat pouring and stresses all but forgotten about. Both classes are all about that Russian Exotic style to make you feel ultra sexy and some fancy pants tricks suitable for all levels on the Pole, Chair and floor. No previous dance experience is required to join us for a good time and you don’t even have to be able to do the routine perfectly! Just come and enjoy your time to move your body and dance like no one is watching while improving your cardio fitness and heart health!

WHEN: Chair Flow on Mondays at 7pm starting Jan 17th 

Pole Flow on Wednesdays at 6pm starting Jan 19th 

HOW MUCH: $130 for a full 8 week course or just $65 with the Special






If you like your work outs to end with a lot of sweat and a bit of muscle pain the next day as a reward for your efforts, Booty Camp is awesome for all over body strength and toning! Booty Camp is a super set and circuit based class where you can use all of our awesome equipment in the studio to get stronger, tone up and maintain full beast mode all through the year. If you are joining us Online at home, you can make do with some simple pieces like dumbbells, kettle bells and a booty band otherwise you can enjoy the full body weight alternatives for a less intense workout that will still give you great results!

WHEN: Tuesdays at 6:30pm starting Jan 18th (ONLINE ONLY) and Wednesdays at 6pm starting Jan 19th

HOW MUCH: $130 for a full 8 week course or just $65 with the Special ** Also available online for just $80 for the full 8 weeks **