Online Live Classes

Lock Down is STILL going and so are our Online Classes! If Winter was getting you down previously, let this gorgeous Spring weather motivate you to get back into moving again and finding a new routine. And if you need any extra motivation, you can check out all of our brand new classes including 30 minute fast paced workouts first thing in the morning and late afternoons.

  • 8 Week Online Course: $70 per course (one hour classes)
  • Casual One Hour Class: $10 per class
  • 8 Week Online Course: $45 per course (half hour classes)
  • Casual Half Hour Class: $7 per class

You can check out the permanent timetable below and if you would like to join us online, you can hook up your spot by contacting us via email ( or phone (0422 304 483).



WHEN: Mondays at 8am starting September 21st (30 Min Class)

Start off your morning and week off with a fun, upbeat class to energetic music that will get your heart racing and sweat pouring! Channel your 80’s fitness fanatic, throw on your neon work out gear and join us for a Jane Fonda style work out that is sure to cure the Monday blues!




WHEN: Mondays at 9:30am starting September 21st 

If you don’t have a stretchy rope, we suggest you invest in one because this class is amazing for targeting those deep inner muscle movements that are hard to get to with regualr exercises. You’ll absolutely be feeling the deep burn with this one hour work out that aims to get you super strong on both sides of your body so that you never have to worry about having “bad side” issues again!




WHEN: Mondays at 5pm starting September 21st

Dance Fit is back where you can kick start your day with learning a new dance routine every week to get your blood pumping and body moving! All you need is your feet to dance your little heart out to old school hits, awesome new tracks and some famous dance sequences that you’ve always wanted to know the steps to.




WHEN: Mondays at 6pm starting September 21st

Stretch & Flex is a full flexibility focus class where you can work towards your stretchy goal dreams! If your bucket list includes achieving a flat splits, a full back bend or something even more ambitious like a toe hat, our Stretch & Flex classes will help you get there as well as give you a fantastic all over work out for your sore, tired lock down muscles.




WHEN: Mondays at 7pm starting September 21st    

Break out your favourite set of heels, pull up a chair and let’s get our groove on with a different routine every week that will kick start your week and get you pumped for the challenges ahead. You don’t need to already know how to dance, you don’t need to be particularly co ordinated, you don’t even need high heels really! Just join us for a good old fashioned session of dancing like no one is watching and feeling like the super sexy kitty you are!




WHEN: Tuesdays at 8am starting September 22nd (30 min class)

Wake your ass up in the morning with this quick booty burnin work out to start working on that Summer shape for short shorts! If you don’t own a Booty Band, you can still join in without them or you can alternate some of the exercises with a light weight dumbbell.




WHEN: Tuesdays at 6pm with Cassie starting September 22nd

This course will be specific to those lucky ladies with Poles at home. It is a mix up of Pole Routine classes one week with Pole Conditioning classes the following week. Keep up your pole skills fresh while being stuck at home with brand new routines that have new ways to combine old tricks and some fancy new stuff that isn’t too scary without a spotter. You can also keep your strength up with the conditioning by learning all the drills and exercises you can practice during this time to be able to conquer those big strength moves very soon!




WHEN: Tuesdays at 7pm starting September 22nd

A brand new class to our timetable which is so much fun we can’t believe we haven’t done it earlier! Now you can finally become a cheerleader in your own lounge room by learning Pom Pom routines that will get your heart pumping and sweat pouring as well as basic cheerleading tumbling skills for a strength and co ordination work out that will help you fulfil your Bring it On dreams.




WHEN: Wednesdays at 8am starting September 23rd (30 min class)

If you’ve never heard of Sliders before, you have no idea what you’re missing out on! Sliders you put under your feet or hands and slip and slide your way into toned arms, legs and butt cheeks. Kelly will take you through a quick 30 minute choreographed workout to a handful of old skool and remixed songs so you can sweat and slide through an energetic Hump Day kick starter. If you don’t have sliders, you can also use plastic or paper plates!




WHEN: Wednesdays at 6pm starting September 23rd

Summer is on it’s way and should we be allowed to go out to the beach or even anywhere at all that involves human interaction, we might want to start thinking about walking away from the couch and into some exercise! This class is a great all over body workout that aims to really just kick your butt from the start to the finish. If you’re into big sweat sessions where you’ll be guaranteed to feel the burn for days afterwards then gather your weights and let’s get pumped for Summer!




WHEN: Wednesdays at 7:15pm starting September 23rd

Stretch & Flex is a full flexibility focus class where you can work towards your stretchy goal dreams! If your bucket list includes achieving a flat splits, a full back bend or something even more ambitious like a toe hat, our Stretch & Flex classes will help you get there as well as give you a fantastic all over work out for your sore, tired and lock down muscles.




WHEN: Thursdays at 8am starting September 24th (30 min class)

Balance out your mind and your week on a Thursday morning with this quick workout that focuses on achieving freestanding head stands (or handstands if you prefer) and all the different shapes you can make with them! Don’t worry, you won’t be upside for the full 30 minutes as Clare will also be taking you through lots of exercises the right way up that help you improve your balance and core strength to make it all that much easier.




WHEN: Thursdays at 10:30am starting September 24th

Stretch & Strength is for all those aerial skills that require you to be not only stretchy but also strong! Combine a flexibility work out to help you get a bendier back, flatter splits and stretchier shoulders with some work on your arms, abs and leg muscles plus a dash of time spent on achieving nicer lines and you’ll be all set to pull off those dream tricks when we get back in the studio again. No apparatuses are required to do this class, it is all exercise anyone can do at home with no aerial equipment at all!




WHEN: Thursdays at 5pm starting September 24th

This class is 100% fully focused on improving your back flexibility and strength. If you’ve got big goals of one day achieving a Rainbow Marchenko, Spatch Cock, Cherry Ribbon or you just want to be able to do a Bridge without looking more like a Table, this is the class for you. All levels of flexibility are welcome and it’s totally safe for those who feel like they have little or no back movement as you can progress through the workout at your own pace and hold a stretch for longer if you don’t feel you can go to the next step or use the alternatives that will be provided.




WHEN: Thursdays at 6pm starting September 24th

The Booty Babe, Kelly, has all the exercises that will get your peach extra peachy for this Summer! If your butt has been a little neglected this Winter what with being stuck at home and the fridge never too far away, it’s time to start showing it some love. Spend a full hour focusing on your mid section to tighten, tone, shape and lift not just your cheeks but your abs too.




WHEN: Thursdays at 7pm starting September 24th

If you’re lucky enough to have a Pole at home, join Kylie as she takes your through a different Pole Flow routine every week that combines Russian Exotic dance style with Floor Work and a splash of basic pole spins and skills. Take an hour each week to remember what it feels like to get your sexy on again and break out the heels, your favourite pole outfit and knee pads. Suitable for all levels from beginners to advanced!




WHEN: Fridays at 9am starting September 25th

Our fully qualified Pilates instructor Clare will be teaching how to really work your deepest muscles in places that you didn’t even know you had them. Improve your posture, sculpt your tummy, work your pelvic floor and get a good stretching at the same time. Pilates is the ultimate work out where everything feels easy at the time and burns the next day!




WHEN: Fridays at 10:30am starting September 25th

If you haven’t tried a class with our newest team member, Beck, you should definitely give it a go! Beck is our fabulous fully qualified PT with the rocking body who knows everything there is to know about getting in shape and staying that way. Once the class gets going, there’s no stopping Beck as she guides you through a full hour of sculpting your arms, legs, abs and butts using light weights, booty bands and alot of sweat! If your serious about looking good and feeling great this Summer, come give Body by Beck a go!




WHEN: Fridays at 5:30pm starting September 25th (30 min class)

If you want to have flat splits by the end of this lock down so you can say atleast one great thing came out of it all, sign up Lauras 30 minute full splits focused stretch class. You’ll never achieve the dream but just thinking about it or stretching once a week so take half an hour at the end of every week to refocus your mind, let all the tension go and flatten that gap between you and the floor!




WHEN: Fridays at 6:15pm starting September 25th (30 min class)

If all you care about is a flat tummy this season, Sub 30 Core is going to get you there! It’s a quick 30 minute workout on a Friday evening where you can target all aspects of the abs and then get stuck into your weekend. We suggest teaming it up with Lauras Flat Splits class at 5:30pm if you’ve got some more time to spare on a Friday night for stronger and longer muscles!




WHEN: Saturdays at 10am starting September 26th

One of the most popular online classes we offered due to it’s awesome feel good vibes! A great reason to get up out of bed on a Saturday and get your weekend going the right way by getting a fantastic all over body stretch out. Heat your muscles up from the inside out, melt away your soreness and finish with a new energy to take on whatever big plans your weekend has in store.




WHEN: Saturdays at 11am starting September 26th

Lock down gotcha sitting on the couch or at the desk too much? Ballet Fit is an active stretch, strengthening and cardio class where you’ll work up a sweat but look easy breezy doing it. Besides adding grace and lovely lines to your aerial work, ballet assists in your postural alignment to help with your everyday life and just looks really really cool! If you’ve ever wished your mum made you do ballet when you were little so you could do all that awesome stuff, this is the class that will help you fulfil your ballerina dreams!




** So don’t forget, you can join us for any of these awesome classes online for the next 8 weeks either casually or as a full course **

You can hook up your spot in a full course or just join us for a casual class if you find yourself free one night by transferring using these details and then call or text us on 0422 304 483 (or send an email if you’re not booking on the day of a class- to let us know that you’ll be joining us so we can send you the Zoom link:

Bank- Westpac

Account Name- Pole Fanatics

BSB- 033 397

Account Number- 401 590

Description- YourName&ClassTitle

Amount- $70 for a full 8 week course, $120 for x2 8 week courses or $10 for a casual class (one hour)

$45 for a full 8 week course, $80 for x2 8 week courses or $7 for a casual class (half hour)


Stay safe and we’ll see you on your screens soon,

The Team at Pole Fanatics