4 Weeks for $50 Easter Sale

We hope you have had a spectacular Easter this year that has included lots of family, friends, laughter, good times and Easter Eggs!

If you have perhaps had one too many Hot Cross Buns this year or you’re just feeling some fresh motivation after a little break, we’ve got a sale on some of our awesome casual courses! Plus some brand new courses starting up, Trapeze and Step!


The place to start if you are brand new to pole fitness! Start from square one and work your way up each week to being able to hang upside down by only your thighs at the end of the 8 weeks! Every lesson we will teach you progressively harder tricks and spins, work on your upper body, core and leg strength, learn fun little dance routines to improve your cardio fitness and introduce you to the first steps towards doing the splits with our flexibility based cool downs.

When: Mondays at 6pm starting April 12th

How Much: $190 for a full 8 week course




Whether you want to be able to do a flat split or just touch your toes, our Stretch & Flex classes are an awesome way to lengthen your limbs, loosen up your muscles and help you reach your flexibility goals. Every week is different but you are always guaranteed a great all over stretch sesh with our unique brand of exercises that don’t just make flexy work fun but also effective!

All levels of flexibility are welcome and will be capable of doing the class. You definitely don’t have to be stretchy to start!

When: Mondays at 6pm starting April 12th

How Much: $50 for x4 weeks (or $30 for 4 weeks online)




Get your groove on every week with a brand new mini Chair routine to learn each week! Both of our courses are taught by different instructors so you can join us twice a week and learn x2 new routines each week if you can’t get enough! Mix up high heels, hair flicks, sexy vibes and chair tricks to get in our version of a cardio work out that’s way more fun than a treadmill!

When: Mondays at 8pm starting April 12th & Wednesdays at 8pm starting April 14th

How Much: $50 for x4 weeks (or $30 for x4 weeks online)




A unique blend of Ballet and Booty Camp using barre, balls and stretchy bands to give you an intense all over body workout that will have you still feeling the burn for days afterwards. Improve your all over muscle tone and build your core and butt muscles to some awesome tunes with our high energy instructor, Kelly!

When: Wednesdays at 6pm starting April 14th

How Much: $50 for x4 weeks




If you love to dance, we guarantee you’ll have a ball in our Pole Flow classes! Learn how to twist, turn, roll, spin and leg wave your way around the Pole without ever having to climb or invert. It’s all about pole base work and getting your groove on with super sexy floor moves to sweat away your weekly worries and hair flick your way into the weekend. Total beginners up to advanced polers are all welcome!

When: Wednesdays at 6pm starting April 14th & Thursdays at 7pm starting April 15th

How Much: $50 for x4 weeks




Aerial Yoga is an awesome way to let gravity help you get as flexible as possible! A lot of the time when we stretch, the ground stops us from being able to achieve our maximum stretching capacity but if you take the ground away, you will be amazed at just how bendy you actually can be. Plus it’s just super fun and ultra relaxing and the best way to destress at the end of the week with a little nap to some chilled out tunes in your own private hammock heaven at the end of every class!

When: Thursdays at 8pm starting April 15th & Saturdays at 10am starting April 17th

How Much: $50 for x4 weeks




We are so super dooper mega excited to be introducing a brand new aerial apparatus for you to explore! Trapeze is pretty much like blending Hoops, Silks and a little bit of Pole into the one class. If you are looking for something new to try and a fresh challenge, you’re going to have a ball winding and wrapping your way around the Trapeze and discovering all the new muscles it introduces you to!

When: Wednesdays at 6pm starting April 14th

How Much: $85 for x4 weeks




A brand new casual course that is fully cardio focused with a hint of strengthening included. Think Aerobics, meets Zumba meets HIIT and you’ve got a Step class with us at Pole Fanatics! Get your heart racing, your blood pumping and the sweat pouring with a super fun workout that will also tone your legs, butt and core to a soundtrack of awesome club tunes personally mixed by our very own DJ KC Lily!

When: Mondays at 7pm starting April 12th

How Much: $50 for x4 weeks (or $30 for x4 weeks Online)




Booty Camp is our mid section focused workout class for those of who take your Sunday Bum Day posts very seriously! If you would like your tummy a little tighter and your booty a little perkier, our resident peachy expert, Kelly, will take you through a different work out every week that is guaranteed to get results in the comfort of your very own home.

Booty Camp is currently only available online and although we do use some equipment (booty bands, weights, etc) it is not necessary to have them all as you can just use body movement and weight.

When: Thursdays at 5:30pm starting April 15th

How Much: $30 for x4 weeks Online



** Places are super limited for in studio bookings so get onto us quick to book via [email protected] or 0422 304 483 or drop by the studio to visit us **