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Book and pay in full for your courses before July 31st and you can get a second, third or fourth 8 week course within Term 4 for just half price!


Aerial Dancing Classes

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With Spring just around the corner, it’s time to shake off those Winter Blues and get that body moving again! We’ve got lots of different ways to keep you warm, motivated and having way more than fun than running around the block!


At Pole Fanatics, we are fanatical about Aerial Fitness and pretty much anything that makes you fitter, stronger, more flexible and is crazy fun to do! Our customers rate us their favourite aerial fitness studio for their aerial classes in Melbourne!

So many people think of exercise as being boring and too hard which is why they don’t make time for it or stick to any plans to do it but exercise doesn’t have to be something to dread. If you’re moving, you’re exercising! So it’s just as simple as finding something to do off the couch that is fun and worth the effort! If you look forward to your weekly work out, you’re much more likely to stick with it and get results so that’s why we created Pole Fanatics.

All of our Pole Dancing, Aerial Hoops, Silks, Stretching and Flexibility, alternative fitness classes, workshops and excursions are designed to make you completely forget you’re even doing exercise and just focus on having fun, experiencing new things and hanging out with friends. If you never become a world famous pole dancing star or join the circus, who cares? Fantastic if you do but if you’re just looking for a friendly, non judgemental, super fun place to come work out each week, take your mind off whatever else is going on at work and home and try all kinds of different activities with awesome people, we’re here to help you with that goal too!

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Pole Dancing

Pole Dancing is for anyone of any age, at any fitness level! You don't need to be strong to get started in this amazing sport or have any previous experience in anything at all. If you're wanting to gain some muscles, get fit, learn some killer skills and discover a new level of confidence in your body, pole dancing is going to become your favourite past time!

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Aerial Hoops

If you've ever dreamed of being in the circus, learning Aerial Hoops would be on your bucket list for sure! Our levels start at absolute beginners and go all the way up to Masterclass as you explore the never ending list of super fun tricks you can do below, above, inside, outside and all around the hoop.

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Aerial Silks

Silks are definitely for the more daring thrill seekers who like their aerial exercise with an extra challenge! Learn how to tie yourself up in beautiful shapes, perform exhilarating drops and display amazing feats of strength and stamina, flying high above the ground!

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Stretch & Flex

Stretch & Flex uses different stretching techniques from all different forms of exercise to improve your flexibility, prevent injuries and keep your weekly zen in check. A great way to not only finally get your splits but chill out from the worlds stresses for a full hour.

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Booty Camp

Booty Camp is the ultimate all over body work out! So much more fun than the gym, it's the only circuit class in Melbourne that includes all of our aerial apparatuses, mixed in with typical gym equipment and lots of other fun stuff like hula hoops, gymnastics bars, tight ropes and even

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Pole Flow

Dance all your cares and calories away in this fast paced, ultra sexy cardio class! Leave it all on the dance floor when you learn a different pole routine every week using basic tricks and spins, floor work and Russian Exotic style dance. No previous dance experience necessary to come have a great time so even those with two left feet can dance like no one is watching and sweat away all your stresses!

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News & Events

Buy One, Get One Half Price in Term 4

TERM 4 kicks off very soon on MONDAY AUGUST 1ST and we are very excited to be running our BUY ONE, GET ONE HALF PRICE SPECIAL again on all 8…

Winter Sale

Yes it’s crazy cold outside but atleast we are allowed outside this Winter! Take advantage of your Winter freedom this year and join us in the studio, out of the…

Kids Aerials Classes Finally Available

It’s been a long time in the making but we are finally offering TEENS AERIALS, KIDS AERIALS and TINY AERIALS & ACROBATICS! Finally there are classes for the little ones…

Kitty Jane Workshops May 18th

The overall winner of Exotic Generation Australia 2021 is coming back to Pole Fanatics to teach some of her awesome Workshops on WEDNESDAY MAY 18TH, just before she competes in…