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New Spring Courses Just About to Kick Off

Now that Spring has officially sprung, it’s a bit easier to get off the couch and go in search of new and exciting ways to bring back that old Summer body or just do something a little different for the sake of adventure!

We’ve got plenty of new courses starting soon at both our Collingwood and new Rowville studio to satisfy all your exercise and curiosity needs! Choose a 4 week course to just see how you go or a full 8 week course to keep your fitness up all the way to Christmas.

Basic 1 Pole Dancing

BEGINNERS POLE DANCING COURSESOur Basic 1 courses include a cardio warm up, progressively harder tricks and spins, a different mini dance routine each week and a strengthening and flexibility session to finish it off. Don’t worry if you don’t think you have any strength at all or you’ve never danced a step in your life! Everyone is feeling the exact same way when they first start! In just 8 weeks you’ll notice a massive difference in your muscles, confidence and ability to wear little shorts without caring at all what anyone thinks!

When: Wednesdays at 8pm starting October 25th (Collingwood)

Mondays at 6pm starting October 3oth (Rowville)

Tuesdays at 8pm starting October 31st (Rowville)

How Much: $180 for an 8 week course 

Beginners 1 Silks

Silks are so pretty and amazing for your overall body strength and cardio fitness! It takes alot of muscle and heart health to be able to stay up in the air, wrap yourself up in so many gorgeous poses and make it look easy. But don’t stress, our Beginners 1 course won’t see you climbing and dropping from the ceiling in week 1! We’re going to get all the essentials down and work really hard on building up your strength from safe distances off the ground before we start getting into the really jaw dropping stuff. But bring your camera! There will be plenty of great Instagram and Snapchat shots to take along the way :)

When: Thursdays at 7pm starting November 1st (Rowville)

How Much: $210 for an 8 week course 

Beginners 1 Aerial Hoops

Aerial Hoops is so much fun and super addictive! We make it look hard but really it’s not that difficult to pick up with a little bit of courage and it won’t take long for you to love being in your Hoop way more than having your feet safely on the ground.  If you’ve ever heard anyone say it’s a great upper body work out, they are so right but don’t stress if you don’t think you have any of that! We work over 8 weeks on building up your arm, back and shoulder muscles and until you’re ready to brave the big jump into the Hoop alone, our instructors are available to literally help lift you into the right spots.

When:  Thursdays at 8pm starting November 1st (Rowville)

How Much: $210 for an 8 week course

Pole Fit

Pole Fit is one of our most popular additional fitness classes because you don’t have to be at any particular level of aerial training to join in or even do aerial lessons at all! We have designed a course that is purely for building muscles and improving your flexibility using the pole without any tricks, spins or dancing involved. So if you think you’re far too uncoordinated for the routines, not strong enough for the tricks and spinning makes you dizzy but you really want those defined muscles and amazing splits us aerialists have, this is the right course for you! Every week the all over body work out is totally different so you’ll never get bored of just doing the same thing on repeat and your body will have fun learning the new things it can do with muscles you didn’t know you had!

When: Thursdays at 6pm starting November 1st (Rowville)

Wednesdays at 6pm starting Oct 25th (Collingwood)

How Much: $120 for an 8 week course or $60 for a 4 week course

Aerial Yoga

We’re bringing Aerial Yoga back just in time for the arrival of the warmer weather! Aerial Yoga is a fantastic stretch and flexibility based class that is suitable for everyone from those who can do the splits to those who can’t even touch their toes. All exercises can be taken at your own personal pace so you can push yourself ultra hard or just take it easy. It’s a fantastic way to chill out after a long day or week and hide away from the world in your own personal cosy hammock for an hour!

When: Mondays at 5pm starting October 23rd (Collingwood)

Thursdays at 5pm starting November 1st (Rowville)

How Much: $120 for an 8 week course or $60 for a 4 week course

Pole Flow

If you just like to dance, this is the class to get your groove on! Each week we teach a totally different mini routine where we use the pole, the floor, chairs and other fun things as props to our dance. You don’t have to worry about remembering the routine over  a week and any level is welcome! All you need to do is be ready to sweat and dance like no one is watching for an hour of full on cardio fun mixed with some fancy skills that will help keep your muscles working over time!

When: Wednesdays at 6pm starting October 25th (Collingwood)

How Much: $210 for a full 8 week course or $105 for a 4 week course

Stretch & Flex

If you like your stretching not so aerial, Stretch & Flex is the perfect way to work on your flexibility without being upside down. Our super flex expert instructor will take you through different stretches every week to help improve all aspects of flexibility including the major ones used for aerial training, shoulders, back and legs. If you’d like to get your splits flat, your back bendier and your shoulders more mobile so you can get into those amazing Pole, Silks and Hoops skills or even if you just want to have a good stretch out once a week to keep your joints active and your zen in check, Stretch & Flex is great for multiple ambitions in your flexibility.

When: Wednesdays at 6pm starting October 25th (Collingwood)

How Much: $120 for an 8 week course or $60 for a 4 week course

** For bookings or to ask for more info, please feel free to contact us any time on 0422 304 483 or **